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~ URL WorkBench ~

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~ Data-Safe ~
Memory Station & URL Workbench

The Data-Safe Memory Station & URL Workbench is a tool for WebTV users. The site has 6 Identical pages (#1, #2, etc.).

Each page offers a "Cookied" Memo-Pad on which you type or paste URLs or other information you wish to store. Each Data-SAFE Memory Station page holds Approx. 4K of text... When this limit is reached you can use another Data-SAFE Memory Station page.

Each page also features a "URL WORKBENCH"...
4 additional tools that allow you to Transload, Validate and Manipulate your stored URLs without leaving that page.

~ Instructions ~
ControlsWhat They Do
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Page Links: To The 6 Identical Data-SAFE Memory Stations
??Instructions: Page-Jump To This Help Section From The Memory Station, Or Read Pop-Up Help Alerts On Tools
TTransloaders: Page-Jump To The Freeloader And WebTV Scrapbook Uploader
Tutorial ??
GGifWorks & Image Magic: Page-Jump To These Image Tools

Tutorial ??
VValidators: Page-Jump To Thunderstone Source Viewer And FileDex Image Link Extractor
IFunction Control: Activates Image Viewing HTML Tags, Allowing One Or More Images To Be Viewed
BFunction Control: Activates Background Viewing HTML Tags, Allowing ONE Image To Be Tiled And Viewed As A Full Screen
PFunction Control: Opens Previewing Window, Allowing You To See A Background Or Image(s) Displayed
Function Control: Saves Data Displayed On The Screen. Doesn't Affect Other Pages. Each "Save" Overrides Previously Stored Data. Always Save Data When Leaving Any Page.
Function Control: Erases Data On The Screen. Doesn't Erase Stored Data.
Function Control: Retrieves The Most Recently Stored Data And Displays It On The Screen.
Function Control: KILLS Your Previously Stored Data. Once Gone... It Can't Be Retrieved. Doesn't Affect Other Pages.
URL History Lister: Drop-down Menu Lists Several Of Your Recently Visited Sites. Review URLs And Click To Visit Those Offering Data You Wish To Paste. Before Leaving- Save Your Data!

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