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~The Word Wizard~

Erase / Replace

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~ Word Wizard ~
HTML Test Bed With Targeted Erase & Replace Feature

The Word Wizard is a tool for WebTV users. The tool features an HTML Test Bed on which you type or paste HTML and / or JavaScript codes you wish to view. The Word Wizard's Targeted Erase / Replace feature allows you to make rapid changes to your document... It is Case-Sensitive (aA, zZ).

A Cookied version of the tool, one that allows you to save your codes, can be found be clicking the link on the tool.

~ Instructions ~
ControlsWhat They Do

Erase / Replace

Replace With
Erase / Replace: Instantly ERASES All The Single Or Multiple Characters & Words Entered Into The TOP Field. You May Instantly REPLACE Those Selected Characters By Also Entering Replacements In The BOTTOM Field. It Is Case-Sensitive (xX, uU)

Note: If Erase / Replace Function 'Locks Up', Copy (CCP) Your Info & Reload Page; 'Cmd'- 'R'
Reset: Resets ERASE / REPLACE Function, But Not The Test Bed Screen.
Preview: Opens Up A New Window Allowing You To View Your HTML Codes As They Will Appear On A Web Page Or E-Mail Signature.
Clears / Resets Entire Tool : Erases Data On All Screens.

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