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~The Word Wizard~

Erase / Replace

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~ Word Wizard ~
HTML Test Bed With Targeted Erase & Replace Feature

The Word Wizard is a tool for WebTV users. The tool features a "Cookied" HTML Test Bed on which you type or paste HTML and / or JavaScript codes you wish to view or store. The Word Wizard will hold approx. 3K of text... When this limit is reached the screen will not allow you to add any additional characters. If you attempt to add over 3K of text, anything OVER 3K will not be displayed.

The Targeted Erase / Replace feature allows you to make rapid changes to your document... It is Case-Sensitive (aA, zZ).

~ Instructions ~
ControlsWhat They Do

Erase / Replace

Replace With
Erase / Replace: Instantly ERASES All The Single Or Multiple Characters & Words Entered Into The TOP Field. You May Instantly REPLACE Those Selected Characters By Also Entering Replacements In The BOTTOM Field. It Is Case-Sensitive (xX, uU)

Note: If Erase / Replace Function 'Locks Up', Copy (CCP) Your Info & Reload Page; 'Cmd'- 'R'
Reset: Resets ERASE / REPLACE Function, But Not The Test Bed Screen. Has No Affect On Data Stored In Memory.
Preview: Opens Up A New Window Allowing You To View Your HTML Codes As They Will Appear On A Web Page Or E-Mail Signature.
Saves Cookie: Saves Data Displayed On The Screen For The Number Of DAYS You Choose (ex. 30, 90, 365) Each "Save" Overrides Previously Stored Data.
Recalls Cookie: Retrieves The Data Most Recently Stored Into Memory And Displays It On The Screen.
Deletes Cookie: KILLS Your Previously Stored Data. Once Gone... It Can't Be Retrieved.
Clears / Resets Entire Tool : Erases Data On All Screens. Doesn't Erase Data Stored In The Memory.

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