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Bruce, Some info is written under the tool. Also, here are links that I think will give you coding ideas:  Link 1 (Good One!)    Link 2    Link 3    Link 4    Li nk 5    Link 6    Link 7    Link 8    gifworks & freeloader codes    A WORKING Drop-Down
Bruce, This is a non-working prototype of the tool I hope to make. Actually, the pull-down menu does change the banner color (OOPS IT JUST STOPPED WORKING PROBABLY DUE TO TYPING MY MESSAGE TO YOU, AND PUTTING LINKS AT PAGE TOP CRASHED THE SCRIPT.... a working copy is linked at the top of the page), and you can click on the banner to bring it up in a seperate window. The Owens made this for me 'cuz I told them I wanted a 140 color Banner Blank-Selector tool. It then occured to me that it might as well have an actual push-button remote link to the freeloader. Then I decied it would be more versital if it could also be used as a tool to display color information about each banner color- even if they didn't want a banner- which folks could use in coding web sites. So, here is the desired function:

1) The pull down menu will offer 140 color names.
2) The gifworks button will send the selected banner blank to gifworks for annotation.
3) The URL field will have a history funtion that will display the URL of the page the visitor arrived from. It will also display EACH URL of the 140 banner blanks as the visitor selects one
4) The transload button will grab the history URL, or the current banner blank URL and send it to the freeloader.