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Credits and Acknowledgements

Creating and coding The WebTV Power Tools Site(s) is a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging undertaking for me. Frequently it proves a bit too challenging and I must cry out for help. The following people have heard my cries for help and have rescued me over and over again. Thank You ALL! Bill Steele


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While everyone on this list has helped me, I must list John and Cathy Owens as the source of most of the one-on-one web site building help I have received in my year on the web. I have many different web sites, and each one of them is online thanks to these nice people. Many of the tools found on the WebTV Power Tools page(s) were either given to me by The Owens (Test Bed), or laboriously scripted by them (Table Wizard, and soon to be released Multi-Tool). In this world there are "good guys" and "bad guys".... John and Cathy Owens are the "Good Guys">

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