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As you can see I started with six cells. Use the longest word that will be used in this table to begin testing with. Try six, or whatever you think best for you, and keep adding cells until the first word line breaks down (while VIEWING with your text set on "large") then (change your setting back to "small") and go back in and remove one cell and you probably (?) won't have to figure out a width attribute for them. the table cells always adjust themselves for each individual cell to fit on that line.
There's a good possibility that with 70 words the table will ballance its self out close enough. If not we can always go back and figure and insert the proper width attribute.:)

This is in a sub directory named ct . This page is named ct.html. When you get it edited to a point where you want to stop rename it ct2.html and it will always be easy to find the latest "version" in our file without having to change the name of it on the transloader. That way if we want to look back later to try to find were we went wrong we'll have those files and won't have to worry about erroniously naming two the same and lose on for future refference, if we want it, by using 2, 3, etc.