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Data-SAFE #1
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~ Data-Safe ~
Memory Station & URL Workbench

~ About ~

"The Data-Safe Memory Station & URL Workbench is an online tool for WebTV users. There are 6 Identical pages at this site (#1, #2, etc.). Each page offers a "Cookied" Memo-Pad on which you type or paste URLs or other information you wish to store. Each Data-SAFE Memory Station page will hold 3000 keyboard characters... When this limit is reached you must use another Data-SAFE Memory Station page.

As an added convenience each page features a URL WORKBENCH... 4 additioal tools which allow you Transload, Validate, and Manipulate your URLs all from that page.

~ Instructions ~
Top Navigation Panel

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#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Use these links to navigate page to page

T G V Use these links to jump to the tools: T= "Transloaders" (Freeloader and WebTV Scrapbook Uploader) G= "Graphics Tools" (GifWorks and Image Magick) V= "Validators" (Thunderstone Source Viewer and FileDex Image Extractor)

I B P These are FUNCTION Keys: I= "Image Tag Activator" (To remind you what your images looked like. hit "I" once for each number of images you want to view) B= "Background Image Tag Activator" (Allows you to TILE a background image. Press once.) P= "Previewer" (Put Your URL into the IMAGE or BACKGROUND tags and hit "Preview" to see one or more images or a tiled background)

??= "Instructions" (When clicked this symbol provides helpful instructions)

Bottom Button Panel

Save: This saves your data for that one page only. Always save your data anytime you leave the PAGE you are on. Reset: This Erases the data on the screen. It does NOT erase what you have saved. Load: This loads your previously saved data and displays it on the screen. Delete: This KILLS your previously saved data. Once gone... it can't be retrieved. Recent: This drop-down menu allows you to browse or visit several of your recently visited sites. If you leave the page using this menu... SAVE your work first!