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Own A WebTV?

Affordable In Home One-On-One Tutoring

I Teach *Basic* And *Advanced* Skills:

Here's A Small Sample
Of What You'll Learn

  • Set up and use Multiple User-names
  • Program User Options... including Call Waiting, Text Size, Dialing Choices, Setting and Managing Passwords...
  • Saving Favorite Pages Into Memory; Creating, Organizing and Navigating With Favorites Folders
  • Get The Most From Your WebTV By Understanding How To Use ALL Your Keyboard Keys
  • Save and Manage E-Mail Messages

  • Customizing Your E-Mail By Adding Pictures and Animations, Colored Backgrounds and Words and Background Images.
  • Create Your Own Free Web Page For Personal, Family, or Business Use.
  • Learn To Use Online Tools Like Transloaders, Uploaders and Validators.
  • Learn To Create and Manipulate Images and Animations.
  • Much, MUCH More!

YES- You Can Make Your WebTV Perform Most Of The Same Functions As A Computer... And More.
My Style Is Easy-Going And Patient
My Rates Are ~Surprisingly Affordable~
*** You Will Learn... And You'll Learn Quickly ***

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