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Table Wizard
Automated Table Builder

An advanced table building tool. Those who find "TABLES" confusing will learn rapidly using the tool to construct tables of varying complexity and studying the codes generated for each table. There is also an extensive table related help section.

WebTV Power Tools **Expanded!**
Main Tools Page

Here you'll find Validators, Transloaders, Test Beds, Image Tools, Search Engines, and many other WebTV Tools. You'll also find links to hundreds of helpful WebTV related websites.

Word Wizard **NEW!**
Test Bed with Targeted Erase / Replace Feature

A cookied test bed with a NEW amazing & innovative feature; A targeted Erase / Replace Function. This allows the user to rapidly erase and replace selected letters, words, sentences, numbers & codes.... A real time saver.

Memory Station & URL Workbench

A six page cookied note-pad similar to the Mad Rabbit Clipboard, with several additional features, functions and conveniences. The main feature of each page is the cookied note-pad ("Data SAFE")... but each page also has additional tools that allow you to Preview, Validate, Manipulate & Transload your stored URLs without leaving the page.

Web Page Previewer
Signature & Web Page Building Aid

Allows the user to quickly select, change and view different text colors and background images. The tool is pre-programmed with 140 text colors and a color chart. The tool also generates the HTML page codes for the text colors and image selections you have made.

Color Conversion Data Base
Name to Hex Code / Hex Code to Name

Lets you interactively search and view a data base of over 500 colors so you can get just the right shade. Selections are stored in both color names and hex #'s